The Horses in Your Life!


The Equid is an ancient relic a real triumph of the evolutionary Process,  50 million years worth. Once cruelly sacrificed by man then over the centuries, the horse became a symbol of power, dominance and a beast of burden.

The horse has now evolved into an icon of vanity, opulence, sport and a best partner for a tireless traveler.

The horse has captured our hearts with his beauty, grace and athletic abilities.  The horse unites people from the most unbelievable places on this earth and from all stations in life, all coming together to pay homage to this gorgeous and talented animal.

There was a great saying from an unknown prophet who proclaimed, “The creator did not make the horse the most beautiful of all creatures, without reason”

So, what has changed in the last 50 years that makes the horse so special that it has stirred us humans to rethink our relationship and our ways of interacting with the horse? 

It is the realization that we humans can now learn a new way to understand and communicate with our horses.

Once the signals and gestures of the horse (that were meant only for each other) are understood by us, a world of communication with the horse opens up. The process  becomes a truly rewarding experience as you see the light in your horses eyes come on as he starts to make changes toward his relationship with you.  This is why we must learn their language and coax them into our world, not the other way around, a world that they did not want to enter. 

All of these protocol's translate from the ground to riding with lighting speed because due to your new found language skills the horse will easily understand and accept you as his leader.

The moment he sees you as his leader he will become putty in your hands and he will become brave and reliable.


What do I mean by EQUINE PROTOCOL™ ?

It is the how to guide for being able to enter into your horses world of silent communication and share in the joy, living and communicating with that wondrous species we have classified as Equis.

You will learn how to move each part of your horses body by mimicing his silent communication.

Cause him to look at you as his benevolent leader,  just like he did with his mother.

Want to learn from you and explore with you.

This is the only language that he understands.

The promise is that he will happily give his leadership to you and then and only then he will feel safe in your hands.

What do I mean by EQUINE CHARADES™ ?

Horses communicate with silent, humble gestures.  In every gesture there is an unspoken level of dignity, respect, dominance and a unique type of affection between horses in the herd. They have a unique way of teasing, scolding, moving each other with comical facial expressions.   Perhaps you didn't know that horses have a great deal of humor and respond to our humor and love of play.

Since gestures are their only communication, after being away from their group, upon return, they cannot ever tell the others what happened to them. They can't tell their stable mates "boy, we were on the trail today and had to cross a big stream"  The horse can only return to his group and start the dominance games again, never revealing his day.Imagine if you could not tell anyone anything.

I would like to give the analogy of traveling in a foreign country and going into shop after shop asking for directions. Everyone looks at you like your crazy so you leave feeling desperate to be understood. Finally one shop keeper says "oh yes, just go down the road and turn left" Imagine your relief....This is what your horse experiences every day with a owner who does not recognize his questions and has no real interaction that the horse understands. This is why we as humans we must understand and accept this new challenge in the art of communication.

These seminars and lessons will teach you what your horse is trying to communicate and how to talk back to him, this is a promise.

And the best part of it all is that we have finally figured out what they think and need and how we can communicate our desires to them.

 IPlay with your horse like never before....

Learn games like

 Dance with me,  Put your nose on that,  Walking in sync,  Put  just one foot in the hula hoop, Playing tag,  Let's jump the jump together, Back into your stall ...Andthe ever popular Goochie Goochie....the games are only limited to your imagination. It is much more fun than riding!